I happen to know 'Alden' and he is deeply troubled with his photography. He's also a very brilliant person with a brilliant eye. You should have seen some of his photographs, they are amazing.

In regards to Ari - trolling? Dude, cool your jets - there is no nicer guy on this forum. I too hope you mis-spoke.
He obviously has some very deep concerns about his photography and this isn't exactly a good way of helping.

- Thomas

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Jeez, where have I heard all of this before?
Confessions of a Squad by Alden.
"And so on, and so on. I shoot tons of stuff, but it lacks originality. The
best thing I ever did was in Calcutta. But most of my things in the states
are ho hum landscapes, somewhat improved by shifting away from Ansel
and more toward Robert...No shows have ever panned out, thousands went
into thin air shooting stock, and the only reason I think I keep doing this darn thing...
is that itís all Iíve got. The bottom line for me, is that I simply donít try smart enough.
Hard work is foolish without channeling good ideas into works that stand out, and maybe, just maybe,
Iíll actually apply myself one of these days.

"There. Now you know what a 51 year old teenager sounds like...."

As a B/W noob is this what I have to look forward to? Mid-life teen angst and self doubt? Sorry Arigram but I don't buy it, your trolling for something and it's not a teacher.