That's ok guys.
Poor Terry was just trolling himself for some attention.
Accusing others for trolling is a very common troll technique, often in the territory of flamebaiting.
Too bad he didn't reply, I would be interested to know what ticked him off.

Thank you all for all your responses and pieces of advice.
I am already overwhelmed by people who I respect greatly and who offered to assist me.
It is true that by continuing to shoot photographs and keep on looking at other's work is the main growing experience.
After all, if an artist doesn't grow by doing his art, then he isn't an artist, is he then?
The reason I asked for assistance is that I feel that I got stuck stylistically and am a bit confused in regards to my approach
to photography, on which hangs my whole present life: artistically, economically, emotionally, exploratory, etc.
I have many serious and demanding projects in progress or planned to start soon and need to feel ready to move on again.
So, I am not looking for a life changing experience, but a small nudge to get over the present obstacle.
I am little bit confused and lost and need to put things a bit in order.
Not unlike to find your house a mess and that mess to be enough of a psychological block to impede your working habits.
I find that a good balance between chaos and order is what its needed.

So, thank you all again.
The thread I think has run its course
and if the mods think there is going to be too much soap opera,
they are welcome to close it, but preserve the advice for others.