The following (italics) are APUG Ari-Grams or Ari-isms that I have come to cherish and look forward to seeing more of, but for the sake of this discussion I would like to highlight.

Please yourself only?
When I create art, I please myself.
I only think of pleasing others during sex.

Are you a bootlickin' photographer?
I didn't think anyone would ask me that but...
...yeah, I confess!
I have a thing for long leather stiletto heeled boots and...
...oh, this is about police vs photographers?
ahem, then... rabblerabblerabblerabblerabblerabble!

Five of your favourite things...
I will give you my five favorite sounds, which is a list made in my mind some time ago.

1) A Woman's moans
2) ….

So this is my baseline, I know, 3 out of 3,000 post is not representative of who you are, but it’s all I’ve been exposed to and besides, GPS-wise you only need three points to nail down your location.

Then out of the blue comes this plea for help.

Hot for Teacher
The reason I asked in this thread for a Teacher, someone to spend some time with me, understand my place and help me grow from there, is that I am not interested in general advice and tips, but something more tailored to my struggles.
I hope it doesn't sound pretentious or ungrateful, but I feel there is too much confusion and I can't get no relief...

After the first 3 how can I take the fourth seriously?
Coupled with the fact that you have an outstanding portfolio, I do not think you need any help, just a kick in the butt to get you off your BSG-ass and onto the street to burn some that PanF you have in the fridge. Don’t wait for that RolleiFlex, just get out and do it.

Battlestar Galactica
Oh, please Andy, don't compare the Lost crap to BSG, they are not in same league!
Considering that the four are characters we've grown to love who went through a lot to "become" the enemy in an instant, the final cylon is gonna be a shocker and they will all screw everything up even more!
If I was the writer of BSG, I would have most of humanity go really crazy, kill each other off and the ones that will be left would surrender their fates to their new Robotic Overlords (TM). And it seems to be going that way...
I was happy though that the old Cylons returned in Razor and they managed to pull them off without looking too cheesy.

Anyway, my favorite sci-fi shows are:
Battlestar Galactica
Babylon 5
Red Dwarf

They are all very different from each other and that's why I like them all!
(I could never really get into Star Trek, too pretentious and shallow for my tastes)

Wow, and written with such passion and enthusiasm (3 exclamation marks) just 3 days before your photographic meltdown.

Hmmm, and you want a teacher. Well “wax on…wax off.” And I have a fence for you to paint too.


Sorry for the late reply, some people have day jobs.