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I can't see that being a standard fitment, but if you want to stick magnets to yours they shouldn't affect operation.

It's based on the ZoneMaster II. It would be fairly straightforward to put keyholes in the base so it could be hung on screwheads.

Glow-in-the-dark tabs are available and much easier than adding an LED and the necessary extra battery. Heavier footswitches are available but they tend to be for industrial purposes and are very expensive. If it tends to slide about, try some self-adhesive Velcro pads or a big blob of Blu-Tack to stick it down. Extension cords are available. Believe me, for everyone who wants a longer cord, there'll be another who thinks it's already too long and gets in the way .

Yes it does, or you can run it off the mains via an adaptor.
Thank you for your replies. I could not live without my StopClock Pro. you obviously put alot of thought into your gear, so thanks. By the way, how much is this timer likely to cost?