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This one came up on the LF forum yesterday and seems to appear every few weeks, along with a request for a wedding photographer. It is most likely some sort of scam.

So in this story and on this site does the dog outrun roccky, does he fail to climb the steps in Philedelphia, where he breaks his hand instead of the sides of beef and Apollo Creed, known as the APUGer with fists like a Luger, beats him convincingly?

Is roccky going to be stopped at roccky 1 or will he make several more entrances? Maybe in our story we can match him against a Croatian marriage ceremony photography inspector instead of a Russian in roccky 3 or was that roccky 33?

Laugh? I haven't had this much fun since the mother-in-law got sent off against Wakefield Trinity. That bit is in homage to the late Les Dawson, the last of the great British music hall comedians. RIP Les. We miss you greatly.