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Frankly this thread is a disappointment.
Then let it be a disappointment. Fact is that the Iraq story is a TV and media spectacular. Much of the violence is made for TV and feeds on the global media perception. Much of the suicide bombing (shahid is a witness and demands witness) are about the media. This is, of course, not limited to Iraq.

I have people telling me that cell phones and digicams are good enough for my purposes,
The question is: What's your purpose?

and I have people telling me that the narrated images I am seeing on my telly are all I need to form an opinion.
The problem is that you HAVE FORMED an opinion and are NOT looking for information to understand but to reinforce and strengthen whatever arbitrary opinion you might already have formed--- on the basis of your media inputs and peer judgments.

Do you want to tell a story (and for what aims) or have an art project prostitute a conflict? The media should NOT be the message. The story should be the message!

Now I have some newbie telling me
"Newbie"? New at what?

that there are other stories more worth telling,
I think the argument (and one that I'd agree to) is that there are loads of other stories that are not being told. Aid and development that's being rerouted to high profile media spectacles. NGOs too are about money and they chase the "big stories". Its never about truth when the truth can't be sold.

End of thread for me. Thanks to those of you who did offer constructive comments.
And this is where the STORY starts!