The question is: What's your purpose?
Good Question

The problem is that you HAVE FORMED an opinion and are NOT looking for information to understand but to reinforce and strengthen whatever arbitrary opinion you might already have formed--- on the basis of your media inputs and peer judgments.
On what evidence do you base this claim?

Do you... have an art project prostitute a conflict?
What on earth does THAT mean?

Why are you so angry?
I have little idea what Keith has in mind with his project, Do you think you do?
You seem to have a grudge of some sort... There are lots of places where this sort of thing has been done, variation on themes eg giving children tape recorders (VOA/NPR?) and video cameras (NHK?) the concept is not new but I still don't see what brings out all the Hostilty I sense when I read your post...

You MUST be thinking something deeper than meets the eye...
but I still miss the picture here.

Spys? Yea, Hidden in plain sight works!
but cameras for the people need not be about espionage....

Do they?

Thanks for your reply to my other question in this thread.
If you get the chance, do try to answer my PM about organometallic stabilizers...TIA.