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Efxaristo file! thank you. I use only film and its not easy for me to scan (i am against digital photo) my photos and then to use photoshop to clean them and and.... These photos (I m not sure yet) are for a photo competition for the photobiennale (www.photobiennale.gr). the theme is "A night in the city" (Thessaloniki or Athens). geia hara!!!
Yeah, I know of the competition, but unfortunately I was informed too late for it and anyway I don't have an extensive series of those two cities.

Stick around.
You were probably looking for some reassurance before sending the photos to the competition, but this site, because of its focus on analog, gathers some really extraordinary photographers and even the casual amateurs have a level not encountered in general photo sites.
I always trust the opinions of people when posting my photos in APUG and their critiques, even if they just say "nice", carry an uncommon amount of respect and seriousness.

Σοβαρά τώρα, φαίνεται πως είσαι σοβαρός φωτογράφος και τα υπόλοιπα μέλη και εγώ θα χαιρόμασταν αν γινόσουν μέλος της κοινότητας μας.