Hi Juraj
I have been on your website and I think that taking the photos you have and making then into Bromoils would be works of art. I find the Photos you have taken to be very pleasent to look at. Let me know if you tried to make a Bromoil. Small tip use photo paper that is thick enough to take the oil brush hitting the surface. If not the paper will rip on you. Plus keep the paper wet but not over wet. Start out wth just a little color on you brush and slowily hit the paper with the ink till the surface is completly covered with ink. Then work the oil into the paper hitting the surface over and over again till you get the effect you like. You can remove color to add high light to any area you want my using a gum eraser and making it wet. But wipe off the extra water. Then you can tuch the paper and rub off the color where you want to high light. Pick a gum eraser that can be shaped to a point. It is much easer to work with.
Sir William

PS then let the photo dry for 2 or 3 days. You can alwas go back and make changes later. Just rewet the photo paper again. The dried color will stay you can onl darken areas that need darkening.