I will confess some curiosity about why the thread persisted after I left it.

I have no political motive (of which I am consciously aware)... I simply think it'd be reasonable to give people the opportunity to use instant film to capture their own perspective... of a conflict in which media information is very, very limited. If anybody thinks the media access isn't extremely limited wants to argue that point, please start another thread. I'll just note that media orgs from CNN to Al Jazeera have lost many personnel in Iraq. I recall that the total media deaths passed 100 almost two years ago. And no, I don't consider video feed from a predator drone to be media coverage on the ground.

My idea is simply to provide a standardized way for people of all walks of life to capture their perspective. Thus there is an implicit assumption that there is something else in the story that is worth recording. So, if a person doesn't first accept that there is more, then I suppose that a dismissive attitude could emerge. I can't rationalize a bitter or grudging attitude from someone who doesn't know me, so I will merely confess amusement.