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Where is this information , stating the demise of cibachrome by the end of 2005?
I got this from two separate sources.

1. The custom lab that I deal with, and has done Ilfochromes for the past 14 years, has been unable to get P-3 chemicals for his large format (44-inch) Ilfochrome processor from a U.S. source - so he was importing them directly from a source in Europe. That source told him that they were notifed that the chemistry would be discontinued by the middle to end of 2005. This was last May, which was before Ilford Photo Products division filing for receivership.

2. The Ilford representative for my territory said, "It doesn't look good for Ilfochrome in general." She was, by the way, let go after 15 years as a rep just last week (as were all of the reps to my understanding). That was a day after receiving a letter from Ilford America stating in so many words, "not to worry - business as usual."

If you look at my post I said "in all probability" as the company is in a great state of flux at this time.

Since the photographic products division is in receivership in England, my personal opinion is that there is no way to predict what will actually happen to the Ilfochrome line of products. It may be that it generates good profits even at small volumes, or it may be looked at as a boat anchor for the rest of the photo products division - who knows?

I'm betting that Ilford may really not know at this point. My advice would be to take any answer you may get directly from Ilford as the "answer of the moment."