here is a basic list of some materials that you will need and that can be found at other places than photo stores;
6 inch creamic tilies, brayer 2 inch hard, 4 inch form, kneadable eraser, saran wrap, paper towels, naptha to clean brushes and tiles. masking tape, palette knife, litho ink.large piece of heavy glass. brushes, stencil brushes can be used.

then you will need either a bleaching kit or mix your own; bleach is made up of copper sulfate (100grams i 1000 ml of distilled water; potassium bromide ( 100g in 1000ml of distilled water) potassium dichromate (10g in 1000 ml of distilled water). use 70ml of the 10 % of copper and bromide with 30ml of the dichromate along with 830ml of distilled water. this will tan about 8 X 10's.

you can use Afga 118, Ilford matte paper or Luninos charcoal paper rather than bromoil paper. Or, kentmere
Use a weak paper developer and over expose about 1 fstop, be sure to use a non-hardening fixer. let the print dry. when you bleach, soak the print for about 5 minutes bleach, wash and re-fix in plain hypo or a non-hardening fixer. wash again, dry.
then you are ready for the inking process.