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Since Sean so kindly setup this region for us and a handy link too www.apug.org/ireland I thought it would be cool to introduce ourselves. So here goes;

I'm Fintan and living in Laois. I mostly do B+W and polaroids, and mostly use medium format. I do have a large format camera but still learning how to use it.

I like landscape, people, street, abstract and fashion photography. I have my own darkroom but still have a lot to learn
Hello there all you film-folk!

I am Brian and I hail from Abbeyleix in Laois and know Fintan. I am back living in Ireland after a 20 year foray to Landan, innit?

I used to shoot lots of film on a host of different cameras until about 8 years ago when I started into digital. I had a lot of fun at fiorst and a lot less of late, although I still use my Canon 350D for kids etc.

I have been using a Pentax Program A again recently and have just acquired a Bronica 6X4.5 which I am enjoying. Its B&W only this time and beginning to develop and print after a very long break.

Love landscape / architecture / abstract and anything that forces you to involuntarily look again.

I am also a music nut and still have not stopped buying and playing vinyl as well as all the other media we are forced to endure by the aural decoration dispensing organisations! Analogue rocks!