Hi Steve

You probably are right, the P3 process is the rc version of ilfochrome,
As Kodak and Fuji discontinued the r4 direct reversal process I do not see any reason for Ilford to continue P3
The process I use is P3X which is made for the cibachrome process which I believe Larry and others are using.
This product is the original ciba material and is available in rolls and sheet in three grades.
As well there is a p3x rc version of this product line(which I do not use) as well a backlight material.
Your post caught my attention as I purchase from Ilford US directly and my lead technician was at the factory Frieburg Switzerland for cibachrome factory training. The p3x material is indeed not affected by the Ilford restructuring, as yet. (I hope)
Larry and others, the only concern I would have is if printers worldwide stop using the material. As I stated in an earlier post I am booking ciba material from the cargo ship and I have been told that this product is making a strong resurgence, specifially the univerasl material , as it is being exposed ,by us and other labs world wide through these new digital devices.
My hope is that Ilford continues to produce for my lifetime and beyond this wonderful product, I print all the manufactures paper products and cibachrome has a special place here in our lab.
Now if only Kodak could start making Ectalure again I would be a happy camper