Thanks, Jim.

I think a lot of this has to with our expectations, other people's expectations, our expectations of other people's expectations.... ad nauseum. The challenge is to break the cliche. Sometimes the task is daunting. Yosemite is a tremendous challenge, all the more ironic because there is so incredibly much visual stimulation there. But we've been so inundated and indoctrinated on what's to be expected of making photographs in Yosemite, that we often fail to break the cliche.

It says a lot about who we are. If we respond in a cliched manner, we'll photograph in a cliched manner. Yosemite is "dense" in a mathematical sense: between any two photographs you can always find another photograph. The location is not the problem; the camera is not the problem. Aggie's suggestion of the Weston "Turnaround" is on the spot. It begins within.


ps - Jim, I'm looking forward to seeing your results from that 711!