Post-mortem on this for me;100% vindicating my earlier comments.

I just received a Fujica ST-801 SLR and Fujinon 35mm f/2.8 from KEH.

- Both had far better exterior cosmetic condition than advertised
- Both had GROSS mechanical defects.

The prism on the SLR was mis-aligned (couldn't focuse), and (wait for it) upon opening the camera back there was *no* take up spool! Both the hot shoe and the x-sync did not work. (The meter was way off, too, but I expect that in a 30 year old camera). Total time invested in ascertaining all those problems - about 90 seconds and I never so much as loaded film in the camera.

The Fujinon lens had a broken aperture blade. I knew that as soon as I picked up the lens and heard it rattling around. Time expended? One second. Perhaps, two....

The kicker? Both items had been meticulously cleaned by their techs. Absolultely spotless. And both had a sticker with the name of the camera tech who inspected the items (who they assured me was no longer with the company....sure)

So I called KEH and, naturally, they are accepting a return. But my frustration (4 consecutive orders returned) continues...

It remains very evident to me that relatively inexpensive items for sale are not given even a cursory inspection. Not one of the flaws I described above would require a camera tech or even a particularly experienced camera user.