[QUOTE=Dana Sullivan;618381]From what I've been told, the problem with thle Crane's 90lb cover was due the to the shearing machine that cut the paper, nothing to do with multiple factories. In fact, the Weston Diploma Parchment is made on the same line and uses the same base cotton pulp as the Cover Stock, yet it suffers none of the same problems."

There is a lot of conflicting info about that and I have had discussions with Crane's people as far back as 1994 or 5 and recently a long conversation with John Zokoski who completely denies the cutter problem and said it was a bad batch of paper. He said my problem in the 90s coincides with the time Cranes quit making the paper and started hiring multiple mills to make it from various sources of cotton fiber.

The point is that you risk wasting a lot of money buying a large batch of paper you haven't tested. I think that is what Bostick and Sullivan could offer even if the paper was a tad bit more expensive. You could give it the "Dana Seal of approval" by testing batches of your papers for different processes.

B&S have been great in the past allowing people (or at least me) to return a batch of paper I couldn't get to work. But that isn't something anyone wants to do. With that batch back in the mid 90s I don't believe Dick or Melody were actually doing much printing themselves and could only offer that they hadn't heard of problems with the paper. It is great that you are a working printer.