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Whoohoo Jim! Looks purty good
Now start that 16x20
Matt, welcome back! What are you nuts?? Hell Sandy King wants me to build a 20x24! I live in a small one bedroom apartment for crying out loud! I need to clear out the dust in this place. I have given some thought to building an 8x10 to replace my Seneca Improved. I really need to stop all of this building and get to work shooting some film and printing. Some time in the future I may do some more but not now. The passion for it is not there. I'm burnt out. I must say that 11x14 is an impressive size! It looks much bigger than the 8x20. Must be the height of this thing. Need to make time to burn some film.
How was the trip to China? Are you back or still there? Can't wait to show you this camera it came out real good.