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I post all the time without making any mention of my magazines. Jorge is a known troll and loves to incite a fight. He has said so publcally and privately.

If you go to the Free Articles section of our sites (both View Camera and Camerarts) you wil see many articles. If I post a link to only one people may miss the others.

There are some people who do not want others to know of another site that has free info.

Sorry, but www.viewcamera and www.cameraarts.com have free info for anyone.

Jorge will almost certainly come on and make another trolling remark. Lets see what he says.

steve simmons
Nope sorry, of all the 141 posts you have made here, all have to do with your rags or conference, only a few are in response to a question without you mentioning your rags. It is here for everbody to see and check.
Once again you use this post to mention your rags and the supposedly free stuff, which BTW is so old and outdated it is not even relevant anymore but to the most beguinner.

My "troll" was in response to your attack to Brian, who is a valuable member of this forum, unlike you. BTW, many preffer my "trolls" to your advertising and taking adavantage of this site.