Okay, I'm hoping we can do this on a Sunday, as it's the only day I'm free on weekends. There's several options; I'm thinking a scenic or interesting area to meet and do a photo safari, then perhaps retire to a cafe or restaraunt after.

So, I'll throw out some ideas, and you can vote, veto or come up with your own, and hopefully we can arrive at a consensus.

Idea # 1: Ellena Gallegos Open Space; meet at the east parking lot, take a hike and look for scenic images to capture. Retire after to Flying Star on Juan Tabo. Mid-morning can be good light, but the problem here is you're shooting into the sun to capture the mountains. Perhaps early afternoon?

Idea # 2: A bit more extravagant. Drive out Hwy 550, past Bernalillo, towards San Ysidro, take a left on Cabezon Road (at the right-hand bend prior to San Ysidro) and drive out to the Ojito Wilderness. It's BLM (public) land, with some amazing geology for scenic photographic possibilities. You don't need 4wd, but a truck or SUV is a good idea because the dirt road can get wash-boardie. I usually go out about 9 miles and park off the road, and hike to scenic spots. Mid-morning is good, before it gets too hot. Afterwards retire to Bernalillo at the Range Cafe for lunch.

Idea # 3: Street shooting in the Nob Hill/ UNM area, then retire at any number of cafes.

Okay, let's hear your vote, or come up with an alternative.

As for a good date, I'm thinking a Sunday in the next several weeks (April 20, 27 or May 4).

PM me if we need to take this offline.