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How can a review of a brand new camera be so old as to be useless? How can a report from Photokina, which is going on at this moment, be so old as to be useless? This will also be posted in the next few hours

There are new people coming to large format all of the time and the articles on the VC site are timeless. Tray processing is tray processing, etc., etc.

My point about Brian's post was that it dd not include any info about the posted topic.

Jorge will continue to make inaccurate posts to try and discredit me. I will stand on my record as publisher of View Camera for 16 years and CameraArts for the last 6-7.

If Jorge thinks he can match this record let him show something comparable.

steve simmons
Is the review free? or is it only for subscribers? if free, why not provide a direct link instead of using only your main web site and force people to have to see all the site and the subscription offererings? If you call inaccurate agreeing with Brian that your post is SPAM, then, yep it is inaccurate.

As to discrediting you, I dont need to do that, you do that to yourself all on your own.