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My comment about Brian submitting spam was in reference to his photo of the can of spam in response to my posting a free review of the new F6. His post was off topic, IMHO, and did not make a positive contribution.

As for supporting this forum how many other mainstream US photo magazines have given support in the form of editorial mentions - June 03 and April 04 in CameraArts in the Publsher's Statement section.

I am in favor of sharing resources and info souces. I have done so in my magazine and when someone participates in either the View Camera or the CameraArts forum and mentions another source o info I do not complain or accuse them of anything. If there are sources of info lets be open about sharing them.

steve simmons
Well, Black and White magazine just did a full interviwe of Sean and the site, including photographs from the members, and they did not have to do it as an exchange because they failed to pay their sponsorship. Ailsa, the editor of B&W Magazine in the UK, has done so, in addition she has published many members from this forum and paid them for their contribuition. Of course, she is a delight to deal with and has never, not once used this forum to advertise her magazine, as a matter of fact, I would say we all do it for her, since it is such a great magazine.
Steve Anchell did the same, and he did so, once again, for support....so dont even go there, as far as I am concerned, you have milked your two little mentions in your rag enough.