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You are my best PR agent Jorge because everytime you post incorrect info it gives me the opportuniy to correct you.

I said maintream US magazines. The one is English, the other is defunct and used this forum to promote his magazine frequently, and B&W is a special case and no one know would consider it a mainstream US magazine. I think he has a terriic idea and does a great job but he is not in the standard loop, he dos not talk about or show how images are made, he does not do any product reviews, he is basically unknown to the major product companies, he does not do book reviews or reviews of workshops (perhaps rarely a best). We regularly do step by step phots of how images are made (traditional and digital) we review new an used equipment, do articles for photo and equipment collectors, showed how to build a darkroom and a darkroom sink, we test film and papers, etc, etc.

Do you know of another mainstream US magazine publically offereing a review for the new F6? I so tell us and share the info.

Yes, Jorge, your policing, if you really had any control, would limit people's access to info. To who's advantage would his be.?

You think? could be that instead of PR all you are showing is your refusal to see the truth....once again..your F6 article is nothing but spam....so far you have not corrected me....you said any other magazine, you did not say in the US. Why is the article in B&W a "special" case?....and what does it matter if PV does not longer exists, it was done....so no, I love it when you think I am doing PR for you and all everybody sees is your stuburness and refusal to see what is plain to many others here and in other forums. As I said, you want to give free info, post a direct link, or post it here...you very conveniently fail too acknowledge these points. So dont be playing the martir...nobody is buying...