Mark said:
SO, cliche to one is an undiscovered treasure to another.
So true.
Mark said:
The easy answer is to not shoot where you feel is too cliche'.
Or........ the easy answer is to shoot a cliche' and do it really well.

I have to think that, for most of us anyway, the final goal of our efforts is a print. What would you rather see: a superbly executed print of a "cliche", or a poorly done print of something more original? I'll take a fine print any day. Besides: can Yosemite, or Bodie, or magnolia blossoms here in the South, ever really be too familiar? I'd rather think not, and just shoot them.

I'll agree with what several others have said: often the difference between cliche and not-cliche is small: a couple of steps either way, turn around, kneel down, shoot wide open, maybe a filter. Also, I think that true, in-depth pre-visualization can be a great help. Really look before you shoot, with the end result in mind: where will you have to dodge, where will you have to burn, what areas will cause a problem in the darkroom? Of the photos that I look at, the majority that are not successful are so because of simple errors in exposure and composition, not because of lack of originality.