I've been contacted by a group of people in an association called "Open Farming" (direct translation).
this group is within the ministry of agriculture in Denmark.

here it is:

they think the average dane has a biased wiew of how the aesthetics is in a danish pig fram!!

we normally hear (and see) them, if something is wrong - not when all is good..

so - they want to make a huge exhibition, that will be travelling around Denmark, where I make my images in a modern pig farm...........

picture it for your selves:

I have to make nudes in a place where there will be hundreds of pigs.

they want to show two worlds of aesthetics colliding..:rolleyes:

I have accepted, but have used some time to find a farmer, brave enough to lend me his farm..

I have the models (also brave ones!)

what I don't really have is ideas! how in the world can I make images that make sense (maybe they must be without sense?) in this kind of inviroment?

But this is not all.

I would like to go further.
I'd like to make images in a modern slaughter house - some images where I use a couple of dead pigs for some stills, and I'd love to get my hands in a couple of stuffed pigs! (but who does taxidermy on pigs??)...

the pictures will (I think) be made using my "Kill your darlings" method and made with liquid emulsion...

(maybe toned in pigs blood??)

I have NO idea whether I can pull this off, but it is the most difficult task I have had in my life, photographywise..