Finally -- a suitable context for nude photography! (Joking.) What amazes me the most here is the courage of the Danish "open farming" society. They sure are open minded. Probably misguided. People don't want to know what happens in a pig farm, or what it looks like inside. They just want their bacon on Sunday morning. The stench of a pig farm, my God, it's the worst. But be that as it may, it sure is an aesthetic challenge. A little humour could easily go astray -- a picture in which you contrast the shape of a pig's "ham" with the rear end of a model, for example. All too easily you could touch upon sexuality/bestiality and get a very unhappy client (or happy?!). I don't know, this strikes me as a piggishly bad idea all round. Throw caution to the winds, go totally over the top, find a theme (maybe the pigs from Orwell's Animal Farm?) and run with it. Thow pig dung at each other. Smear it all over, write slogans on the barn walls with it like "Pigs of Denmark for a new aesthetic" and "Give us the vote" and "We like bacon too" or "Go oink yourself". Phew. You have quite a job! Can't wait to see the results. Rgds, Svend