A MODERN pig farm if its waste management system is working properly and has a well tuned lagoon (lots of good bacterial munching away) isn't that bad. Yes, you can never quite get rid of the smell but it is managed. The problem comes when you get a few too many (or a lot too many) pigs for the containment and treatment system to deal with. Either by accident or because of cost cutting (greed).

Anyway, I like the idea of comparing the curve of the pig to the curve of the model. Just make sure she (he) wears boots. No barefoot in the pig barn. Not to put it in the wrong context but perhaps use a model with a bit more meat on the bone. Not in the insulting way that "pig" is used as an insult but because a well fed pig has a broad behind and you might need some more scale to your model.

And by the way, there is a long history of nudity and pigs in art. Porky Pig never wore pants.