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So you are on the other end of the lake from Heber. I might have some distant relates there. My brother lives south of you in Mayflower by Conway.
BTW that film is sometimes not so helpless. I've been trying to attack train mine, though all I've got so far is an occasional nicked finger.
How soon can we see some pics posted?
Gary, I hope to get out there and burn up some film pretty soon, if the weather ever clears up. It has been cold, rainy, and muddy ever since the tornado tore through town in early Feb. I don't go out doors in any inclement weather except by necessity . . . like going to work or to eat!!

I suspect that Spring shall have sprung around these parts in the next week or two, and then I shall then emerge from my hibernation hole and start taking pictures.

As for posting them, I haven't a clue how to do that - I'm truly a technological Luddite - other than mail 'em to somebody who has the software and equipment to scan them and upload them. Maybe I can get Frank Pinchak or his grandson, Brian Silverstein, to post some pictures for me (I think they are both members of this forum).

The Little Red River begins feeding the west end of Greers Ferry Lake here at Clinton. We are about 40 mi. east of the dam there at Heber Springs.