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Wow! The possibilities here...

I guess the question is, do you get paid to just make whatever art you want (or paid in advance or is there some sort of approval person and/or commitee before your art sees the light of day (and you get paid)?

If you have carte blanche, I have a couple of ideas:

- get a model that's pregnant and/or that's recently given birth with baby - show her (and the baby) with a sow that's nursing piglets (I'd say also possibly a pregnant sow, but I'm not sure the average person could tell what a pregnant sow looks like vs. a regular sow)

- (echoing ricksplace above) if one possible objective is to show reasonably sanitary conditions, set a table with a variety of food (doesn't have to be pig-based) in the barn and have the models eat while the pigs are around. Not sure what other statements that makes (dead food/live food maybe?), but it might be interesting.

If it's art that's supposed to be selected by commitee, then you'd have to be generally pretty conservative - not sure if the above would work.
I have carte blance - otherwise I didn't want to do it..

but then I have to think.. which is bad..

Thanks for all the suggestions above. it all helps.

About the bacon thing....... I think I'd like to make some "fashion dresses" made of bacon!
Fashion show in a pig farm!!!!