Thanks to all who came yesterday. A grand time was had by all. We had over thirty folks. Gary Samson took a 12x20 group shot late in the day. Richard Ritter had his 7x17 and 8x10 on display. John Layton had his latest prototype to look at ... and his great pizzas. Of course, there were also all manner of other cameras around from a Chamonix 4x5 to Hany's Phillips Compact I. Lots of shooting, some scanning, good food and good company. Some beautiful prints on display (thanks Paul Wainwright, Ken Lee, Michael Graves and others ... and thanks to Bruce Barlow for the print racks). Special thanks to Michael Alpert for copies of his beautiful book.

Gary and I really enjoyed ourselves and know ya'll did too. It was a wonderful gathering. Final and special thanks to Amy who kept the food and drink flowing, made the yummy pasta and Brownies. We'll do it again.