So today I was interested to find out what was inside a polaroid picture (the consumer 600). I think this was my second attempt, but the last time I was about 8 and didn't really understand what photography was. So now that I'm all grown up at 15 I hacked the sides off and pulled it apart. The results were mostly as I had anticipated. There was a goey sort of smelly liquid in between which I washed off. The positive was against the plastic on the top in some white powdery textured stuff. In the middle was a gelatenous (possibly gelatin?) leafy goo that when placed in water expanded and floated around. Sort of interesting. When peeled back it revealed a black on one side white on the other layer, which contained a negative image.

I removed this and floated it onto a piece of paper. When I shone a light through it it looked quite printable. So my question is this. Could I print it? Has this been done before? I later floated it onto some cellophane and stretched it flat but as I was typing this it let go and curled slightly so it's now bunched up. If I put it between two glass panes I could stuff it into my school's 4x5 and try to print it. Thoughts? I'd try b+w first and then try color...(my school's darkroom is b+w but that can be remedied)

It could be a wonderful use for polaroid in the next...8 months.