Well I went to the show yesterday, and I must say I was impressed.

There were a lot of tables, and a large number of people paying at least $5.00 to attend.

The attendees seemed to include a significant number of young people - I enjoyed watching a young man who was either in his late teens or very early 20s negotiate a purchase of a Minolta Autocord, apparently his first purchase of a 120/roll film camera.

There was very little digital, it was almost all film.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much darkroom stuff, or much LF.

There was some MF, but there were more Kodak 616 and 620 folders, than 120 folders (which I would have been interested in finding).

There was almost no film, which I thought was a big mistake, and also no current chemistry or paper for darkroom purposes.

I got to look at a Plaubel Makina 67, and a Rollieflex 3003, which I haven't seen in the flesh for a very long time.

There was a lot of 35mm equipment, including some good prices on Olympus OM cameras, and a lot of Nikon. There was lots more (including two Retina IIIc's at about $225.00 each).

The only 4x5 enlarger I saw was an Omega D series enlarger, which had clearly seen lots of use, and was priced at $200.00.

If you needed filters, or old cases, there was lots of selection.

I enjoyed myself.