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Well, NZ isn't exactly a mat board friendly nation, so I figure it's best I cut my own mats to reduce long term costs. After some research I purchased a mat cutter on ebay, got a good deal on a LOGAN 650 PRO 40" MAT CUTTER. It seems to be a high spec machine, and hopefully idiot proof! It also has a 45min instructional video. I'm wondering if anyone has this model, and if so any insider tips to the model (or mat cutting experiences) would be interesting to know about. Thanks
WOW Sean, you went towards the high end. I just got the small Logan portable a few weeks ago. The biggest challenge I have is keeping things square. Might have to get creative and whip that problem. Other than that, change blades before they start making ragged cuts. After the requisite number of flubs, it ain't so bad.

Oh, and after 30+ years of engineering work, NOTHING is idiot-proof.