I am trying to compound a developer which has slightly more contrast and slightly less density than the modified AGFA-Ansco 17M I have mixed. I mixed it with 5x the normal amount of sodium metaborate, as recommended in the old Ansco literature I have, to increase both the contrast and density. I would like a bit more contrast, and a bit less density. The info I have from Troop's "The Darkroom Cookbook," page 105, indicates to effect that change I should increase both the amount of hydroquinone and the restrainer, potassium bromide (KBr).

I am wondering if, instead of the KBr, I could try benzotriazole. I have mixed a 0.2% solution, for use with paper, and if anyone could advise me on how much to start with, I'll give it a whirl. My fallback position is to increase the hydroquinone to 4.0g/l, from 3.0g/l, and to double the KBr to 1.0g/l, from 0.5g/l. Any input would be appreciated!