Hello APUG

This is a FYI annoucement and hope to have some feed back as to what to do. Our last UPS and FEDX bills have 20% fuel surcharges for all air shipments and 6.25% fuel surcharges for all ground shipments. These are applied to the entire bill not just the shipping charge but also applied to the residential surcharge of $1.95, and the rural surcharge of $.80. We have been absorbing these surcharges for years but now we are actually paying to ship product. These companies are sucking so much cash out of the economy it is unreal. Probably good stock to own because of the surcharges they don't care where fuel costs go, it is just added on and little companies like us just have to eat it. Our only option is to again raise our shipping charges, or add a surcharge as they do. We also pay a 20 to 25% fuel surcharge to all trucking companies on our incoming freight. That is 25% of the freight bill not just an additional fuel charge.
I don't mean to whine or complain just letting everyone know that we have a problem here and to expect an immediate increase in costs somehow. I would like feed back if there is any.
This is a national problem with these fuel costs. Every company in the nation is feeling the same pinch I am trying to explain here. Everything you buy and I do mean everything has to increase in price because of this.
I try to never get into a political discussion but somewhere somehow, someone has got to start doing something about this. ANY IDEAS

Thanks for letting me vent
Bud Wilson