Could we save the general discussion about politics and the price of gas and shipping for the SoapBox, and keep this thread about practical suggestions to help Bud keep down his shipping costs? Thanks.

On that note, the Formulary product I use most is TF-4. Fortunately I can buy it off the shelf at B&H, but most people have to have it shipped, and I suspect that the B&H price might go up as it's got to be shipped to B&H.

Maybe it's time to think about formulating a comparable product (an alkaline rapid fixer) that can be sold as a powder. I've thought a bit about it myself, and then realized that since ammonium thiosulfate is usually sold as a liquid concentrate, it wasn't going to be easy getting around having to ship water unless I wanted to use a sodium thiosulfate fixer (which I do for certain things), which would mean longer fixing and washing times generally. Maybe PE's got some ideas, since he's worked a lot on fixes and blixes, or Bill Troop could make some suggestions.