My name is Craig. I live in Virginia near Ricmond. I'll try to keep this short.
First, big thanks and hell yeah to Sean for making that huge decision and keeping this great thing alive. While I'm not supporting the site monetarily yet (next month, on disability, money's tight), you have my full support otherwise.
Second, my birthday passed recently, and I don't have many people in my life. So what a cool thing it was to open my email and see a birthday wish from apug. I know it's automated and not that personal, but still.
I've suffered from depression most of my life. It's really hindered my artwork (I also work in sculpture, pencils, multimedia, and watercolor) not to mention my whole life. I haven't browsed this site as much as I should or would like to have, but I try to do my best. I've taken photo classes but have just had a bad streak of teachers.
I shoot sometimes with digital, but my heart is in film. I know film is superior. I love working in the darkroom. I love the smell of the chemicals. I don't love sitting at a computer processing images. I love the anticipation, waiting to see how a roll of film or a print is going to turn out.
I have my own darkroom, set up only for b/w right now. I have a Nikkormat, a Canon A-1, and a Canon AE-1 with an assortment of lenses. I also have a Ciroflex but the shutter's broken right now. I'm building a collection of home made pinholes as well.
I know I've thrown some personal stuff out there. From my experience artists can be more open minded and accepting, though. I'm trying to put myself out there and be more proactive.
I hope to see yall around. Thanks for reading.