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Here are some landscape photographs I consider a tad different:

David Maisel: http://www.davidmaisel.com/works/photo/lak_m_01.jpg
Edward Burtynsky: http://edwardburtynsky.com/WORKS/Bre...ailings_36.jpg
Joel Sternfeld: http://www.luhringaugustine.com/files/b88cbbe1.jpg
The single best color print I saw at AIPAD this year was a Sternfeld. I saw nothing by Burtynsky. If he is represented by any of the galleries there he certainly wasn't being actively promoted. Most of the color work was the stuff Richard is talking about.

There was an enormous digital blowup of a William Christenberry picture from an 8x10 that he made years ago. So I guess even some of the iconic old timers are jumping onto the "whatever you do make it big" bandwagon. It's a shame too, in my opinion, because such a print can never compare to the original 8x10 contact prints.

The composer Charles Ives made a fortune in the insurance business after graduating from the music conservatory at Yale. When asked near the end of his life why he didn't pursue a career in music he said: "...because I would never have known if the music wasn't going 'ta-ta!' for the money". (I'm paraphrasing, but I'm close.) I think there is great wisdom there.