Tonality is more a matter of taste than a spectrum from good to bad, and acutance depends on the developer as much as the film.

I used to use TMX as my main film and eventually decided that I liked the tonality of traditional films like Tri-X and FP4+ and Efke 100 better, and that if I wanted finer grain, the solution was to shoot a bigger format. A big difference between T-Max films and other films, I learned, was spectral sensitivity. T-Max is much more linear, which produces a very nice looking spectral sensitivity graph, but the tonality looks more like B&W video, which isn't so much to my taste. That said, TMX is very sharp and is great at handling scenes with a wide brightness range and has excellent reciprocity characteristics. I've never cared for TMY, but the new version looks better than the previous version, from the samples I've seen.