In B&W I keep developers in amber glass bottles, and if necessary, dilute into a measuring graduate before loading the film reels/holders.

I use a water bath for a stop. The film tank stays in the water stop until I put the glass developer away up on the shelf above the sink, and then I bring the plastic fixer bottles down and pour it into the (rinsed) graduate.

I also pour a small amount of the fixer - about 30ml maybe- into a little measuring cup, and drop the film leader for the film in just before I dump the graduate of fixer into the (now drained rinse water) tank.

If I am suspect of the age of the fixer, or haven't used it for a while, pouring it into the graduate first lets me check for any sulfur beginning to precipitate. If it is just silver specks (as in what occur in PE's superfix formula) I filter though a coffee filter ahead of starting the developer.

I got into the plastic bottle for fixer habbit because frequently my hands/gloves are wet by the time I get to fixing. Also when the sulfur drops out and plates to the bottle big time it is a lot easier to discard a well labelled recylced plastic pop bottle that was being used to store fix, than a hard to come by amber bottle.

I also got into it becasue I have come close to doing exactly what you have done.