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You got lucky. My dear sweet bought one of those boxes and none of my seven tripods was a correct fit. ... Did I with umpteen lenses, cameras, and near terminal GAS say a word. NADA! Not one. She is happy, ... and encourages me in my projects.
Oh, absolutely! The best piece of luck I ever had was marrying an artist!

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Yes, unless she is very fast you need to go to sheet film. You will be much too fast with 120 film. I would say you need a 12"x20" at least. I think you may owe me a dinner and drinks for that suggestion.
Sorry John, but I wouldn't be able to afford drinks and dinner for anyone else if I bought a 12x20. I'll just have to borrow Scooter's when he's feeling better about himself ...

(I have been "looking" at 4x5's lately! :o )