I'm in the process of planning some fairly extensive travel. I have a long list of places that I'm trying to decided on and a shorter list of places that I know I'm going to for sure. The top of that list is New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, ...

I prefer to really spend time in a place before moving on, so I'm thinking I might buy a car or a small RV while I'm there. If I can get the visa I'm thinking 6 to 12 months, if it's only 3 then I'll just rent something. Also - is there a good film lab - I might be shooting some 4x5, but mostly 120 roll film. Also if there's a lab that rents time on Imacon scanners at a reasonable price that would nice too (rather not drag my scanner with me - and drum scans tend to be way too expensive).

In any case I was hoping someone there could give me an idea of who to talk to about buying and registering a vehicle in NZ, and if you have any thoughts on where to too look for one. I'm also trying to decide when I should try to get there if I only end up with 3 months - I usually prefer off seasons - winter in particular but Fall would be good. This is primarily because prices are lower for hotels and rentals - if I buy an RV it's less of an issue.