i love bjorke's certificate (no cynicism, really!). sounds like in a culture that celebrates freedom ( freedom to choose whatever the hell i want to do ) , any sort of consensus and moderation will inevitably be frowned upon ( " who the hell are you to tell me what i can photograph?" ). that's why i'm excited about some of the new guys that are photo'ing new subject matter in b/w. bjorke's summary(*) is quite functional in terms of informing a photographer as to what are the well trodden paths ( canonic subject matter ) and if you are going down that road, you can be conscious of the tradition that you find yourself in. an interesting essay by richard garrod, for me, eloquently puts words to the dilemma some photographers may be facing. personally, i'm always excited about the next contribution made by landscape photographers, colour or b/w. christopher burkett comes to mind and in b/w, charles phillips ( shame i can't see in the flesh! ), bruce barnbaum, john wimberley etc. oops! this is way off topic!