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I was not sayng people were ungrateful It is just Jorge who seems so negative but he has personal reasons for being so which shold not be a factor but they are for him

steve simmons
No personal reasons, other than being tired of your spam, you come to an analog site to shill a review on the digital camera by Nikon, the F6 part is whoefully incomplete, please see the links provided by Tony.

Instead of providing a direct link to the article, you come here a day before you post the article and you advertise your magazine by saying you have a free article nobody can find, but of course in the mean time they get to see your main site. You are dishonest in your intentions and the way you go about them, and you get upset when I point this out. If, as you say, other forums appreciate this type of simplistic reviews, and tolerate your dishonesty, why dont you go there and stop spamming here?