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Tim ;

There is the possibility that the subtleties escape me. I have the same problem with punk music sometimes, I can't spot hardcore from West Coast, from Oi!

But the three photographs you have showed me display the style that is found everywhere else in calendar photography: contrasty mountains shots taken at the "golden hour", cottony rivers, saturated colours, blinding light.
It is perhaps a little sad that people can't see beyond the subject choice to the photograph. I'm not the biggest fan of Ken Duncan or Jack Dykinga (I prefer Jack to Ken though). I am a big fan of Joe Cornish however and I think you do a little injustice to pigeonhole him as a calendar photographer.

I'd be interested to know if you think it possible to take vista pictures of natures without being accused of calendarmongery?

Here are some landscape photographs I consider a tad different:

David Maisel: http://www.davidmaisel.com/works/photo/lak_m_01.jpg
Edward Burtynsky: http://edwardburtynsky.com/WORKS/Bre...ailings_36.jpg
Joel Sternfeld: http://www.luhringaugustine.com/files/b88cbbe1.jpg
I really like Edward Burtynsky and I think he brings the same Aesthetic that Joe has to a novel subject matter. David Maisel is just another 'Earth from the air' pundit (I'm sorry I'm being equally dismissive but I think of this sort of photography as a scientific curiosity mostly - like microsopic pictures or astronomy pictures). Joel Sternfield doesn't seem to have an aesthetic, at least one I can see. I don't think I undertsand the message he's trying to portray.

Just as an aside. I give you three Joe Cornish Pictures that don't sit with your 'calendar' moniker...


In rerturn could someone suggest a colour photographer that celebrates the landscape at large that we don't instantly dismiss as 'calendary'? Maybe it's me, but I don't personally feel the need to avoid the subject matter and to pick something not photogenic in order to prove an artistic point.

Finally, should we also classify Elliot Porter, Peter Dombrovskis, Jan Tove, Christopher Burkett, Charles Cramer, etc as calendary?

I don't want to sound defensive or reactionary, I just wonder if it's a subject reaction not an art reaction...