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Some old timers here remember back to a failed sponsorship of the site.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is an old issue. We gave our AE number to Sean several times. We used it during the same time frame. I do not know why he was not able to use it. He and I have discussed this and put it behind us.

The only purpose of this now is try andcast blame where non exists.As I have stated CameraArts has activley promoted APUG.

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Since this keeps coming up over and over and has gotten rather tiring...

I had explained in several emails that the AE card # would not work as I was based in New Zealand and it gave the appearance that I was a fraudulent user. I also sent emails stating that you could use paypal as a workaround including links. As far as I know that was the end of it and nothing seemed to come out of those mails. If there was a communication breakdown at some stage between the emails (I don't know.. possible you never got them), I decided to just forget about it at that point. That is the matter as I recall..