I use this paper RC digital and the fibre version as well.
Both papers are maximised for laser exposure and I believe some LED devices.
I have not used either papers under the enlarger .

The fibre version is basically gallerie G 4 with an extra red sensitivitey
The RC version *I believe is Ilford MG4 rc with an extra red sensitivitely.

I believe that the next wave of young photographers will be using these papers at school with enlargers much like the digital deveer units.

Both papers are of excellent quality ..
I concentate on the fibre paper exclusevely for show printing, which I can then tri tone exactly the same way any traditional fibre paper is finished.
I use the rc version as a tester of digital files to look for artifacts and changes required before going to show printing.

We first started this process in 2002 using Agfa Classic, ** I believe we were the first Lab , using lambda laser device to produce fibre base prints.**

This material or product has become an very important service for our Lab.
At the present there are a select few labs worldwide using this process and paper .. I think that within 5-10 years there will be thousand of labs using this black and white bartya emulsion, digitally and analogue.