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Having purchased many Leica screwmount bodies over the past ten years from different vendors in the UK, I would contact Malcolm Taylor on 01568 770542. Prices are a bit higher, but you do get a Leica that has no faults and has usually been serviced by Malcolm.

Of all the Leica bodies I've purchased, only two have not had to be sent to Malcolm for repair / servicing or to put into correct working condition. I've had to return Leicas to other vendors for repair (under their guarantee) and in all cases they have not been able to repair the camera, and have either offered a refund or suggested Malcolm Taylor!!

Sorry if this sounds a bit negative, but this is my experience and I post it in the sincere hope that it saves you wasted time and money.
The trouble with Leica's is that there seems to be a higher than average number of people trying to pull a fast one. I know of an M3 that was sold on Ebay as being serviced, but on inspection the service was nothing more than the application of a bit of oil. So, in this case the purchaser ended up paying too much for the camera (in the belief it had been fully serviced) and then paying Malcolm Taylor for a proper service.

That's why I recommended Peter Loy. I bought an M3 from him which he had got serviced by Newton Ellis (another good repairer). So, although I paid slightly over the top for this camera I knew everything was working correctly. So, if you buy one off Ebay, or a slightly less reputable dealer it's a good idea to have enough money left for a CLA as there's a good chance that it's going to need one.

You pays your money and takes your choice,