I will try to translate the most important aspects. First a brief look into history: Maco Pan 25, Maco Ortho 25, Maco IR 820, Maco UP 100plus, Maco PO 100, Maco UP 64 and Maco TP 64c were exclusively made by Fotokemika (Efke, Croatia) for Maco. These films were special, selected production runs.This production was independant from the 'normal' Efke production.

The cooperation between Maco and Efke stopped some years ago due to reorganised production structures at Fotokemika. Therefore Maco films made by Fotokemika are history. There is no Efke film in the current Rollei film programme.
Then Fotoimpex started to sell some Efke films under the Adox brand.

Maco introduced a new film programme under the Rollei brand at Photokina 2004. These films are/were made by Filmotec (Wolfen, Germany), Agfa-Gevaert (Mortsel, Belgium) and AgfaPhoto (Leverkusen, Germany).

Rollei Retro 100/400: AgfaPhoto APX 100/400 (last production run in 2005, Leverkusen).
Rollei Pan 25: Made by Filmotec. It is an improved Orwo NP 15 emulsion with finer grain, different base and redesigned for new raw materials and more modern production processes at the new Filmotec plant in Wolfen.
Rollei Ortho 25: Made by Filmotec.
Rollei R: Made by Filmotec.

All other films of the current Rollei film programme, including the new ATP high resolution film and the Superpan 200 film, are made by Agfa-Gevaert in Mortsel (Belgium). If you are interested in some pictures of Agfas current film production, have a look:


Maco does not have exclusive contracts with Filmotec and Agfa-Gevaert. Both companies are free to sell some of their products to other distributors.
Filmotec did this with Pan 25 and Ortho 25 (= Adox Pan 25, Adox Ortho 25).
And Agfa-Gevaert is selling some of their films to other distributers as well:
The high resolution films Gigabitfilm, Spur Orthopan UR and Adox CMS 20 are made by Agfa-Gevaert.

If I say 'made by' I mean emulsioning and coating. Cutting, packing etc. is made by other specialists, e.g. Photostar in Germany, but also some others.

Adox CHS films: Made by Fotokemika.
Adox CHM films: Made by Ilford (old stock from the time before Ilfords management buy-out in 2005).
Adox CMS 20: Made by Agfa-Gevaert.
Adox Pan 25, Ortho 25: Made by Filmotec.

I hope your questions are now answered.

For some further details you may have a look at:

Best regards from Germany,
I found this in another thread.http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/4...an-25-a-2.html if it is true, and it makes sense, the 25 iso emulsion has to be the same as Rollei Pan 25/Adox pan 25. the only other possibility is Efke 25, which Geert has stated it is not.