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Having purchased many Leica screwmount bodies over the past ten years from different vendors in the UK, I would contact Malcolm Taylor on 01568 770542. Prices are a bit higher, but you do get a Leica that has no faults and has usually been serviced by Malcolm.
Another vote for checking with Malcolm Taylor. I bought a
lovely "user" IIIg with 2.8 Elmar from him at a good price, he knew
the history of the camera, had serviced the camera for the previous
owner earlier, and had given camera and lens another service before
selling it to me. Very helpful on the phone, and you get a nice
camera that can be used right away, without the need to send it
off for service elsewhere. I've had only this one dealing with him,
but I'll be very happy to use him again if the bug bites.

Martin (UK)